Some recent reading and art.

Seeing as it’s most of the way through February, I figure it’s about time to post an update here. Try to keep things somewhat regular in terms of posting on here.

At the start of the year I was mulling things over regarding writing, particularly with a view to doing posts for here or Irish Comic News. My main focus was to try and find things to read to try and improve the writing, be it websites, magazines or books.

As luck would have it a non-fiction book featuring such names as Warren Ellis and Alan Moore appeared on my radar (cover pictured below). It was an instant purchase for me, both as a fan of some of the writers involved and as a possible source for learning more about writing non-fiction.

The book was a wonderful read. It will definitely be one of those books I frequently re-read. It has a great variety of voices and styles. There are twelve pieces in total examining the ‘spirit of places’.

What quickly became apparent (from a learning point of view) was what each writer discussed, as well as the details they focussed on in their respective contribution. It emphasised the idea of the writer bringing something to a topic that only they can bring to it. Something to make it unique from a piece that another writer would have written.

Another thing was the almost conversational language used in the various pieices. It generally felt as if I was sat at a table listening to the writer tell their story. Which is close to what I’d like to get to with the reviews and blog posts. Definitely would like to avoid dry and stuffy writing which would just put people off. I want to try have the writing read much like what it is to listen to me chat about comics. That’s ethusiastic, interested and probably a bit giddy for those that I’ve not chatted to!

It’s an excellent book that I really recommend to people if you want to read some good non-fiction.

I’ve a couple of other non-fiction books in the pile but I’ll fill you in on them once I get a proper read of them.

On the art side of things, I managed to get back into the swing of doing some drawings during the week. I’ve included the most recent drawings I did below. That’s all for now.

Brief update.

This will be brief update as it’s really just a post to put it online that I’m planning to take a swing at the competition Matt Garvey put up over on MIllarworld forums.

I’d started to get back into the swing of some writing and drawing and that competition was just the sort of motivation/goal to aim for. It’ll give a bit of focus to things. If nothing else, I’d (all going well) have a four page comic done. That in itself would be a good result.

In another comic related note, I’m very much looking forward to the Image 25 year celebration organised by Big Bang Comics. Should be fun!

For those of you interested in the Irish Comic News art picks, the January edition is now live. So go enjoy the great selection of arting!!

That’s all I have for you lot until the next post. I’ll leave with some arting I did towards the end of 2016.

Tested out caligraphy pens for inking. (reference photo used)

Obligatory ‘New Year, new things’ post.

It’s a new year so it’s time for that ‘gonna do more posts’ post.

For all of last year, this blog was left idle aside from the occasional share from my tumblr account. Part of the reason for that was that I started to post on Irish Comic News

My main focus was the monthly Art Picks. This is a feature which rounds up a selection of art produced by artists and colourists who are part of the Irish comic scene. It was great to see so much art and to discover some new names I’d not heard of prior to taking on the feature.

In addition to the Art Picks feature, i also did some reviews of various comics. It was fun to do but I’m quite conscious that the standard of my posts need to improve to get the level that I’d like to get to. This is part of the reason I’m doing this post to try and revive the blog.

The plan is to write more, particularly reviews (or just some form of rambling) about comics. Anything related to the Irish comic scene will end up on Irish Comic News. However I do have a regular comic reading pile which I plan to try do some writing about here as it wouldn’t be something to go up on ICN.

These could be titles from publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Boom! etc. or something via Kickstarter / small press.

The hope is the increased frequency of writing about comics will slowly improve the writing.

Not only that but it will also be a place for me to collate my drawings as they’re currently scattered between Twitter and Facebook rather than somewhere under my own control.

So that’s me done laying out my goal for the blog this year.

And since you managed stick through to the end, here’s some art I did as part of Inktober last year.

Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl.

Kill Bill.

Kubo and Two Strings.

Captain Marvel by Andrew Kwan (on deviantArt)


Captain Marvel by Andrew Kwan

Mr. Freeze by Stephanie Hans


 Mr. Freeze by Stephanie Hans

Final cover of INVISIBLE REPUBLIC #14 by Gabriel Hardman


Final cover of INVISIBLE REPUBLIC #14 by Gabriel Hardman.

Boy shares umbrella with deer

Alex Ross’ Universal Monsters


Alex Ross’ Universal Monsters – It really doesn’t get any better than this…

The puppet dragon Long Ma






17 amazing theater cities that aren’t London or New York

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I saw Long Ma last summer and boy let me tell you




awesome (yeah he breathes fire)

Honestly, just go check what the Machines de L’Île do because this is like the best thing ever.

They’re currently working on L’Arbre aux hérons which is going to be a fucking metal tree that’s going to be like 25m high and which is going to have these in it

(there also going to be ants in it and caterpillars and more cool stuff)

There’s also Le Carrousel des Mondes Marins that is actually finished and is basically the coolest carrousel of the world and i’ll fight you in the pit if you don’t believe me.

Nantes is one of the best city ever (yeah i’m totally biased but i don’t care) and if you want to come in France, forget Paris, come see us (beside it’s like one hour from the sea and just under Britanny), we’re nice and we’ve got les petites beurres LU

Oh! Oh! I lived pretty near Nantes in France before I moved to Canada, and whenever I went there to see my friends, we’d check out Les Machines de l’île (because I was obsessed)! 
Let’s not forget about the most famous one!



Éléphant 😀 


Yes it walks, yes you can “ride” it, YES IT BLOWS WATER

Last time I went there the tree was well advanced too, and the carousel is just magnificent. I’m gonna emphasize the previous comment: If you go to France, definitely check out Nantes and its machines!

pick-me-ups for writers



for the self-conscious beginner: No one makes great things
until the world intimately knows their mediocrity. Don’t think of
your writing as terrible; think of it as preparing to
contribute something great.

for the self-conscious late bloomer: Look at old writing as how far
you’ve come. You can’t get to where you are today without covering all
that past ground. For that, be proud.

for the perfectionist: Think about how much you complain about things you love—the mistakes and retcons in all your favorite series—and how you still love them anyway. Give yourself that same space.

for the realist: There will be people who hate your story even if
it’s considered a classic. But there will be people who love your
story, even if it strange and unpopular.

for the fanfic writer: Your work is not lesser for not following canon. When you write, you’ve created a new work on its own. It can
be, but does not have to be, limited by the source material. Canon is not the
end-all, be-all. 

for the writer’s blocked: It doesn’t need to be perfect. Sometimes you have to move on and commit a few writing sins if it means you can create better things out of it.

for the lost: You started writing for a reason; remember that
reason. It’s ok to move on. You are more than your writing. It will be here if you want to come back.

For the jobbing writer who thinks they’ve lost their way: Don’t be afraid. Sometimes the Way moves around. Just keep doing the work that presents itself and the Way will find you.